ACF user field array subfield


I cannot find informations about the ACF user field in L&L documentation.
Do you know how I can do this with L&L ?

[array user_customfield ][field display_name][/array]

Note : “user_customfield” is my ACF user custom field name.

Thanks a lot

Is ACF User supported by L&L…?

At least, <Field user_customfield /> returns the user ID, but how to access the user’s data?

It looks like we don’t explicitly support the ACF user field yet, but if Emmanuel is correct that <Field user_customfield /> outputs the user ID (you might need to set the field return output to User Object in your ACF field group setup), it can then be passed to a user loop to get a user’s data:

<If field=user_customfield>
  <Loop type=user id="{Field user_customfield}">
    <Field display_name />

OK, this is the way I manage it as well. It works indeed but it would be better to use the specific user ACF field.

Wow clever, it works for me too.
Thanks for sharing @julia!

The ACF User field type is now supported and documented here.

<Loop acf_user=field_name>
  <Field display_name />

Great, thanks a lot !

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