Comment fields and form display


I am wondering how I can create a template for comments, something like this with the Custom Content Shortcode plugin

[comments count=3 id=this]
  [comment] by [comment author] on [comment date]

Also a way to show [comment count] and [comment form]


Hey Dana, welcome to the forums! I know that the devs are working on revamping the docs and roadmap to make things a bit more clear, but from what I can see here, it looks like comment-related queries are the last remaining part of WordPress’s core content that’s yet to be added to L&L. So I assume that that will be possible at some point in the future with some kind of simple comment loop ( maybe <Loop type=comment count=3><Field comment /> by <Field author /> on <Field date /></Loop> or something like that depending on what the fields and attributes end up being called), but that functionality doesn’t currently work in L&L.

Maybe @eliot could speak to this. Eliot, are you expecting to add comment loops to L&L in the near future? If so, want to add that to the roadmap at

Hi Dana,

Thank you for the question. This feature doesn’t exist yet in L&L, but it’s on the roadmap. (Ben, I added it on Upvoty also, under “Comment loop type and fields”.)

It’s a fairly complex thing to build, so I hope it can be ready soon, maybe by the end of the month.


Thanks, much appreciated :raised_hands: