How to sync L&L files across multiple domains

Hi, I am wondering if anyone has any tips on how to manage an L&L-based WordPress theme across multiple domains?

Basically, I want to sync L&L files across multiple domains. My cPanel has a tool to copy selected database tables but I’m not sure which ones are required for L&L templates and styles etc.

I believe there is a plan to address this specific issue on the roadmap but I’m wondering how best to solve this in a meantime.


Not sure I can help you with this one since the only way I’ve ever moved templates around was with L&L’s import/export functionality. It sounds like what you’re looking for is a way to sync those templates live between multiple sites. I can’t speak to workarounds, but you’re right that the team is working on a way to allow you to have a personal cloud to store templates in that would allow you to sync those templates between multiple sites. Most of the discussions I’ve seen, which specifically pertain to Tangible Blocks, have been around how version control of blocks, and theoretically L&L templates too, would be managed. There are some pretty massive implications to that setup since it’ll influence not only the ability to sync specific blocks/templates between your own sites but also needs to work when it comes to selling or otherwise distributing blocks to third parties. The goal, as with everything L&L-related, is maximum long-term flexibility, so we’re making sure to evaluate all the possible use cases. So thanks for bringing this up as a potential use case! Hopefully, someone with more general WP experience can chime in about how you could make that sync work with your existing tech stack.

Hey Phil, I’m following up on this thread because I spoke to someone that actually knows a thing or two about how L&L is all setup. It turns out that everything in L&L is saved as custom post types, so if you can sync those between your sites, you should be golden. From what I can see, the existing post types are:

  • tangible_template
  • tangible_layout
  • tangible_style
  • tangible_script

Hope that’s helpful!

Thanks that is what I suspected.

I’m sure there are many plugins and server-side solutions for syncing database tables across domains, so it would not be hard to solve.

Native L&L syncing would be really useful for businesses that want to share solutions across websites for clients etc. :slight_smile:

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