If is not Singular of a specific Post Type


I’m looking to exclude elements of a L&L template when a Singular Post of a project CPT is displayed.

I tried different things without any success:

<If singular="project" is_not>
<If singular="post" is_not type="project">
<If singular="post" is_not="project">
<If route is_not="project/*">

Can you please help?

I haven’t used that condition myself very much, but I just tried it out. I noticed that when I use the comparison not instead of is_not, it seems to work as I’d expect for some reason. So this works for me: <If singular="post" not type="project">. I think I’ll send this one up the ladder to get some clarification about whether I/we are using it wrong or if there’s simply a bug where that condition isn’t accepting the normal comparisons of the If tag. I’ll keep you posted.

Hi @benjamin,

It works with not instead of is_not indeed.
So close, thank you for testing and confirming! :grinning: