L&L template inside "Query Loop" block

I’m new to L&L and wanted to see if it would work for me inside an existing Query Loop block.

My usecase:
I have a Query Loop Gutenberg block on a custom post type that has an ACF custom field. I want to add a L&L template that can interact on each of the query loop results so that I can change its markup based on the existance/value of the custom field.

Can L&L interact with the Query Loop block in this manner?

Hey Corey! Welcome to the community and great username choice! Hahaha

L&L doesn’t natively work inside other code blocks in Gutenberg, but this kind of use case would be the perfect opportunity to use Tangible Blocks which allows you to build blocks with custom controls using L&L markup.

I know you’ve already applied for the beta program but I thought I’d follow up here for anyone else that comes across this thread and is curious about how to achieve the same thing. I’ve just sent you a DM about getting you onboarded!