LearnDash Integration

Is the integration with Learndash a separate plugin that needs to be installed? I’ve tried adding a couple of the Loop examples from the documentation and none of them show anything.

Hi @jenn

Are you running the Tangible Blocks Pro plugin? I believe it requires that plugin.
There’s a beta list you can join on their site: Loops & Logic - Loops & Logic (loopsandlogic.com)

Ah, thank you! I’ve signed up for the beta :slight_smile:

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Hey @jenn, I just saw your seven different requests to join the beta program hahaha! Glad you’re excited about that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: We’re still working on putting together an official workshop schedule and communication around that, but we’ll be in touch shortly to bring you onboard!

For some extra context, we will be releasing a premium extension for L&L that adds integrations with LearnDash and several other third-party plugins. This is the same extension that adds those integrations to our new Tangible Blocks plugin. It’s still in development and we have some syntax changes that are going to need to be made before we can start offering that extension more broadly, which is why @elearningkings is right that for now we’re only letting Tangible Blocks beta users play around with it. Once the extensions have been thoroughly tested and documented, we’ll release the integration plugin more broadly to the L&L community.

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