Pagination - nothing showing on pages

I am using the below code to output a table for an ACF relationship loop:

<Table per_page=10 sort=title sort_order=asc>
    <Col name=supplypoint_spid sort_type=string>SPID</Col>
    <Col name=supplypoint_type sort_type=string>Service</Col>    
    <Col name=supplypoint_retailer sort_type=string>Retailer</Col>
  <RowLoop acf_relationship=client_linked_spids>
      <Col> <a href="{Field url}">  <Field title /></a>
     <Field type />
     <Field wspid_retailer_id />

  Page <Field current_page /> of <Field total_pages />

    <p>No Supply Points found</p>


I have checked the previous posts and checked their resolutions are covered - but still getting wrong output:

I did also tried it adding the

<PaginateButtons />

but the issue still occurs

It looks like the Table tag (which is pretty poorly documented at the moment) uses a different syntax for its pagination than the regular loop pagination. The table tag uses per_page instead of paged and seems to be paginated using Paginate instead of PaginateFields. The table tag also doesn’t appear to use the PaginateButtons tag for some reason. I’m assuming that was just an oversight so the syntax/tags may be consolidated in the future to match the regular loop pagination. For now though, you’ll want to follow the syntax noted on this page. Let me know if that works for you or if you still run into the issue with your second page not displaying any data.

Unfortunately, that didn’t work - I am going to try it on a clean install and check if I have any conflicts else where

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