Pagination Scroll to top bug

Pagination scroll to top feature doesn’t move page to the top (start of the loop) but it moves a little down of top. Please try yourself and you will find the bug.

I don’t think this is a bug, but let me know if I’m misunderstanding what you’re describing. The scroll to top feature is designed to scroll the user’s browser so that the top of the browser window lines up with the top of the first item of the paginated loop. This means that if you have a floating navigation menu (or if you’re looking at the page while logged in and you can see the WordPress admin bar at the top), then those menus might hide part of the first item in your paginated loop. If that’s what you’re noticing, then it’s not a bug and is the intended behaviour. If that’s not what you’re noticing, then maybe you can share a screenshot (or even better, a screen recording) showing what happens when you use scroll_top=true.

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Thanks man. I checked it after logging out of WordPress and its fine now. It happens only due to WordPress topbar.