SVG attributes stripped after updating to Tangible Blocks 3.2.0


I’ve been troubleshooting a bug since Tangible Blocks 3.2.0 was released. I think I am able to spot the bug.

So, in my templates I would have some SVG mockup as follow

<svg class="icon icon--sm" viewBox="0 0 32 32"><title>note</title><g fill="#212121"><path fill="#212121" d="M31.584,1.189C31.323,1,30.988,0.951,30.684,1.051L16,5.946L1.316,1.051C1.011,0.951,0.676,1,0.416,1.189 C0.154,1.377,0,1.679,0,2v23c0,0.431,0.275,0.812,0.684,0.949l15,5C15.787,30.983,15.893,31,16,31s0.213-0.017,0.316-0.051l15-5 C31.725,25.812,32,25.431,32,25V2C32,1.679,31.846,1.377,31.584,1.189z M13.632,24.932l-9.897-3.299l0.633-1.897l9.897,3.299 L13.632,24.932z M3.76,15.68l0.56-1.92l9.92,2.894l-0.56,1.92L3.76,15.68z M13.632,12.932L3.735,9.632l0.633-1.897l9.897,3.299 L13.632,12.932z M18.368,24.932l-0.633-1.897l9.897-3.299l0.633,1.897L18.368,24.932z M17.76,16.653l9.92-2.894l0.56,1.92 l-9.92,2.894L17.76,16.653z M18.368,12.932l-0.633-1.897l9.897-3.299l0.633,1.897L18.368,12.932z"></path></g></svg>

In version 3.1.9, it works fine. However, after updating to 3.2.0 and above, the mockup on the front end is rendered as

<svg class="icon icon--sm" viewBox="0 0 32 32"><title>note</title></svg>

I swapped out themes, deactivated plugins etc, but couldn’t understand why it was happening. Did something major change in 3.2.0 that’s causing the issue?

Can you please help?

Hi Kendell, thank you for reporting the issue.

Looks like the g and path elements within SVG are getting removed for some reason. I checked the plugin change log, but I don’t see anything that’s directly related.

I’ll try to reproduce the issue on my end, and see if I can figure out what could be happening. It’s helpful to have the exact versions to compare against, it must have been some change introduced in 3.2.0.


@eliot would you like to have a temporary access to a staging site to test or so? I can quickly spin that up if you desire.