Using L&L with Search and Filter Pro


Have anyone done any work using L&L and Search and Filter Pro ?

I have been exploring the solution using their custom display method Custom - Search & Filter Pro ( but ended up getting stuck.

I reached out to the support team and they told me I would need a way to add a wp_query argument to L&L argument? A little lost now :grinning:

Any thoughts on this guys?

Thanks you so much in advance.


Hi Kendell,

I looked in Search & Filter Pro’s documentation, and I think it’s possible to use their “Filter Next Query” shortcode.

<Shortcode searchandfilter id="123456" action="filter_next_query" />

It should set the default query to the search results, which can be looped like this:

  - Title: <Field title /><br>

Hi @eliot,

I had the chance to try the Filter Next Query short code as you suggested, but for some reason it doesn’t show the search results form nor any loop results when I add the short code above the loop as seen below.

I reached out to the developer and he communicated the following text in italic to me:

In our form the display results method would need to be set to Custom (as you should already have done), and then you need a way to add a wp_query argument to their argument. This would be that argument (they will understand this): ‘search_filter_id’ => 25802,

I suppose this would make more sense to you. Would you like to have access to an environment where we can try to figure out an integration for L&L and S&F Pro? If so, I am willing to hook you up with that on my end. Just let me know.

I’m not sure if this applies, but this sounds very similar to getting L&L to work with FacetWP:

Hi Kendell, thank you for the info.

Could you try with just <Loop>, without specifying type? That should get the “default query” which their shortcode is meant to set.

  <Field title />

If that doesn’t work, I’ll look into providing a way to set any arbitrary wp_query argument, including search_filter_id. That would be a nice general-purpose solution.

Hi Gabriel - You’re right, FacetWP integration looks like it works the same way. I see the example uses <Loop> to get the default query modified by an external plugin.

Hi @eliot,

In implementing your last solution, I notice that only the title of the page is displayed and not the list of blog posts specified in the general settings.

Image showing embedded page results - Embedded on the About page for testing

Image showing S&F general settings applied - In this case, only blog post selected

Not sure what the final solution will look like, but I am wondering: Without specifying the type or other query arguments within the loop code, do you think the solution will allow us to create filters that might be dependent on a pro addon, for example LearnDash? Let’s say I want to filter courses based on the access_type or completion_status? Or is that out of the scope?

@Tangibleinc I had a look at the FacetWP, but I wasn’t sure exactly which parts might need the tweaking for S&F pro.

I’m looking forward to seeing what we can come up with :slight_smile: