Documentation search option?

Did the search option in the docs just disappear? It was a real time saver.

We temporarily removed it because there’s a bug that makes all the search result URLs wrong, so once you click through to a page the links off of that page are all broken. We’ll put it back up once that’s resolved.


FYI some of the ‘Examples’ links are also redirecting to a different domain. I’ve noticed this a few times now.

The ‘Example’ link here:

Redirects to:
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Thanks for the heads up, I’ve fixed that for all the example links throughout the docs. Looks like a recent update to the docs platform changed the expected link structure. I don’t think it should affect any of the other internal links but feel free to let me know of any issues you run into and I’ll address them.

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Many internal links had a 404 these last days for me too.
And finding something in L&L without the search engine is pretty difficult given the data density. :wink: